We specialize in pain management and stress relief. Here at Renew Foot & Body, we offer a mixture of Chinese Tuina, Shiatsu, and Deep Tissue Massage generated to the needs of your body, aka, to reduce stress, pain, and muscle tension. Beyond the benefits for specific conditions or diseases, we also provide caring and comfort to our customers. We believe our massage treatments are not only for the symptoms you have at the moment, also a way to harmonize the “Chi” in your circulation and also rebalance your entire system for its self-healing purposes.

We understand our customers’ needs so that we offer many different services, mainly in Foot Massage and Body Massage, as well as a combination of both. Please click the tabs above for detailed information about all services and prices we provide.

Our address: 1667 E. Noble Ave. Visalia, CA 93292

(In the east side of the Mary’s Vineyard Shopping Center, close to KFC and Round Table Pizza)

Massage therapy is most commonly used for relaxation and stress-related issues, muscle and joint pain, high blood pressure, depression and digestive problems. Many athletes also use massage therapy to keep their bodies in peak conditions.
Both walk-ins & appointments are welcome.
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